30 Days Refund Policy Clarified

Alexhost believes in Privacy and Freedom of Speech our clients, however if you are asking for refund there are many things you should know.

As you know (we use payment gateways) that allows us to transfer, receive or refund the money.

Those payment gateways can ask for a photo of your passport ID to prevent abuse, fraud and others abuses.

Alexhost strictly protect customer data and full privacy, but when you request a refund you are asking to receive the money back. But we have thw right to know if you are the real owner of the account and our payment gateway sometimes can ask for Passport ID, if you don't want to provide it. We can't made a refund of your money.

This is made because some people makes any criminal activity with our servers and network and after that they request refund. Alexhost doesn't allow illegal activities which is fraud, ddos, phishing, carding, Scanning, CP, Zoofilia, Terrorism and other threats that can cause damage to our Company.

**This doesn't mean that we will always ask for your passport id, but if there are any possible fraud records or illegal activity detected in our payment gateways or network we must ask for it.

**We do not refund money for the purchase of licenses.

Thank you, Alexhost

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